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The purpose of this article is to educate the casual or novice online poker player as to the myriad of online poker software tools that are now widely available across the internet. As the popularity of online gaming rooms continues its meteoric rise, the various spin-off industries are also enjoying a similar growth spurt. The web is teeming with new poker advice blogs, player forums, downloadable software tools and much more. Can these tools, specifically the newer poker software versions, actually help us become better players or win more consistently? The answer is yes if used properly. The purpose of these tools is to help you improve your game or give you a slight (legal!) edge over the other players at the table. The three main classifications of these software tools are as follows:

POKER SOFTWARE #1 - Odds Calculators. This is an invaluable tool in that it will calculate the relative strength of your hand and the percentages of various outcomes based on several factors. Some actually take this information a step further and advise the best course of action for you. One of the more popular tools available.

POKER SOFTWARE #2 - Tracking Software. Another invaluable tool that will keep track of the other players bets and cards (if possible) throughout the game. Very crucial resource in helping to lay out your own strategy versus your opponent's tendencies as observed throughout the game. It is virtually impossible to pick up standard tells against an online opponent which is why the type of software is so important.

POKER SOFTWARE #3 - Text Based Advisement Tools. These are some of the newer and harder to find tools to make their way to the market yet they can be quite an addition to your poker arsenal. They go above and beyond the generic information provided by the odds calculators and tracking software in that the software will virtually explain the situation presented and the best course of action. Very useful for the beginner looking to expand his poker knowledge.

When searching for the best poker software for your needs don't forget to check the individual gaming site rules as to the legality of these tools. Remember these tools can be an invaluable ally but are no replacement for experience and knowing the games themselves. Good luck and don't overplay your hands.


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