10 Tips to Improve Your Hold'em Game

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I've been playing Texas Hold'em for years and I've compiled a list of ten things I think most amateur poker players need to work on. Some or all of these things could have game hurting your poker game and effecting your winnings.

Favorite Hands:

This is such a bad habit to get into. Mine use to be king-eight. I do not know why but I always would play it. Your preferred hand should be a pair of aces, followed by a pair of kings and so on. If it's not, than you have a flaw in your game.

Feeling It:

I know so many people who look at two bad cards and call a big pre-flop bet because "they were feeling it." Poker is a game of math and numbers, not mystical forces driving the action. Use your head, not "feelings"

Any two cards:

Yes, Doyle says any two cards can win, and he's right but that does not mean always playing every hand. Seven-two off-suit will win once in a while but if you play it every time, you will lose far more than you win. Get that cliché 'out of your head!

Daniel Does It:

Yes, I know the pro's you see on TV do a lot of unorthodox things. I know it looks Daniel plays a lot of garbage hands and wins but you're not Daniel. You should understand that the pro's are doing this for reasons you can not possibly understand and until you do, do not try to play like them.

Curse of the Pocket Aces:

No, there is no curse. Usually when I see someone lose with them, it's because they played them bad. Even if you play them correctly, there still only two out of the seven cards you have to make a five-card hand. They might be them best starting hand but the average pot is won by two-pair or better,

I Do not Get Bluffed:

Everyone gets bluffed! You must learn that it will happen to you. Fear of being bluffed will cause you to lose more chips them you know.

Bad Poker Players.

If you think you can win because of the bad players, maybe you're the bad player. A good player will take advantage of the bad.

I Knew You Had Me Beat:

I hear this all them time, "I knew you had me beat but I had to call." Huh? If you know your beat, well save the chips on fold.

You Call Me With That ?:

Do not let bad players know they are bad players. I know it's frustrating when a player does something stupid and wins but in the long run, it will be better for you. If he calls your big, pre-flop raise with a four-eight off-suit and the flop comes Eight-Eight-Four, congratulate him. Tell him how well he played. Trust me, it will be to your advantage in the long run.

I Have The Worse Luck:

Take responsibility for your own results. Yes, you will lose now and again because of a bad beat, or an unlucky flop. Even so, think about your play after it's over and be honest with yourself. For instance, you go all in with kings pre-flop when you are short stacked and get called by pocket five. A five hits and you gone. Bad luck? Maybe the guy with fives would not have called you if you were not short. Why were you short? Usually people who are constantly unlucky are unlucky because of there own actions.


Source by Jeff Kelley


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