3 Facts About How to Win Online Poker

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I'm sorry to say but I find it funny and sad at the same time to see the major of poker players fail in becoming that poker pro they've dreamed about for a while. If your goal is to make a living out of poker, this article can be a life-changing one for you. Without further introduction, here are the 5 facts about how to win online poker.

1st fact: Set yourself realistic objectives

So you've got $ 54 in your bankroll and you know you want to make it to $ 200,000. Although it seems almost impossible to make it that far, how would you feel about making it to $ 75? Easier right? Well that should be your approach to setting yourself goals about your game. Small steps at the time until you reach your ultimate goal.

2nd fact: Play inside your bankroll limits

Simply put, playing at limits that are too high for your bankroll will eventually have you lose it all if it's $ 54 or $ 54,000 in a matter of days or weeks. With the variety of table limits now offered online, go smart about it. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 20 times the money you're putting on the table when buying in. So if you play on a NL Holdem table that has a 10 $ NL max buying then you need at least 200 $ in your BR.

3rd fact: Get Help

I'll never ever stress how important it is to get REAL help. That's having a tutor or joining a poker school for you. Personally, I think books and trial-and-error can only take you so far. If you're serious about actually becoming a winning poker player and make a living out of it, GET HELP even if you have to beg for it.

Keep in mind that 96% of all poker players are not winning at this game. That's right, assemble 100 players in one room and only 4 of those are actual winners. Does it mean it's near impossible to make it? Not at all, it's simply that those 4 players know and act on those 3 facts.


Source by Patrick Lavergne


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