3D Poker Gaining Steam in the Online Poker Market

3D Poker Gaining Steam in the Online Poker Market

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3D Poker has been a sort of background burner when it comes to the online poker market. Every company is interested in it, but few have taken the time to develop the software, as it is a huge up front investment and sites have determined that the market isn't big enough. However, a few sites that took a gamble, no pun intended, have carved out a niche in the online poker market, and are seeing a huge payoff. This article will take you through the start of the 3D poker sites, up until the present and describe the current market.

Everything started with True Poker. Their website was TruePoker.com, and they caused a huge stir up in the online poker market. They launched in the late 90's, and although they had a great effort, their site really never got off the ground because of a few things. First of all, their marketing budget was way too small to compete with the likes of Party Poker or PokerStars. Second, the software was very resource intensive, so computers of the day couldn't handle it. They downgraded the software so people could run it, but then it wasn't really 3D poker, it was just spruced up 2D poker. Although they never really got a big following, they got the ball rolling.

Next came Stacks Poker. This was the first site that really had some amazing software. They came about in 2004, and had a HUGE buzz going because of the in game videos they released to the public before their launch. Every poker forum was talking about them, and the excitement was enormous. When they launched their beta test, testers flooded in to get a look at the software and try it out. However, it received mixed reviews. Like True Poker, the software was a resource hog, even though it looked so good. Eventually, Stacks ran out of funding, and never even finished developing their software. They never launched for real money play... what a money pit.

Finally, along came PKR Poker. This site had the exact same formula as Stacks: develop their site, release amazing preview videos, then launch for testing. However, PKR had great success, and actually ended up launching for real money play. Since then, they've been raking it in. They have millions of registered players, and have upwards of 8,000 players online at peak hours. If you want to play at PKR, there's only one condition. You can't be in the USA because they don't accept USA players. Besides that, everyone is allowed.


Source by Mike Wittmeyer


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