4 Types of Poker Players

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I have put poker players into four general types of players: Loose aggressive, Loose passive, Tight aggressive, and Tight passive. You can generally identify a player by his style of play and group him into one of these categories. Once the player is identified it is easier to determine what kind of strategy will be used to defeat him / her and take his bankroll

The loose aggressive player is the easiest to defeat simply because he plays a lot of hands. He is usually called a fish. He will make bad calls trying to fish, and will try raise when he has nothing. Normally the loose aggressive player will defeat himself. The strategy is to wait until you have a monster and cripple this player. Then you'll get the rest of his bankroll because he will be on tilt and Donk the rest of his money away.

The loose passive player is also reliably easy to defeat because he rarely bets or check raises. He will call until the river, or fold on a pot sized bet. However, you must watch for the loose passive player because he plays such a variety of hands that he is bound to hit and will not bet or raise and you might find yourself betting off your bankroll. The strategy to defeat the loose passive is to bet and try to check raise. Be aggressive against his passive.

The tight passive player is usually referred to as a Rock. Once a player has been identified as a rock he will win pots because players recognize that he usually has something and do not want to pay him off. This can work to his benefit even when he has nothing because he's been identified as a tight player. The best strategy to use against a tight passive player is to be aggressive. If he calls or re-raises beware. Usually a tight passive player will only play premium starting hands and pocket pairs. It is best, to stay aggressive and when he responds to get out of the way.

The final and best type of poker player is the tight aggressive player. It's harder to recognize this type of player because he is in a lot of hands and can be confused with a fish. The only difference is that this player wins. Why? Because he plays his position, will limp in or raise with small fitted connectors, raise with small pocket pairs, and bet premium starting hands. This aggression along with relatively tight play can lead to monster pots and huge wins. Since being a tight aggressive player is the usually the most profitable the best way to beat him is to join him. Becoming a tight aggressive player takes the basic elements of fundamental poker and adding that winning aggression.


Source by Sean Hudson


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