5 Unusual Places To Meet Women You May Have Never Considered

5 Unusual Places To Meet Women You May Have Never Considered

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Everyone knows about meeting woman at the bar or a party. But, what other types of places are worth considering? I'm going to give you 5 places that you may have never considered to meet women.

A casino: I do not know if there is gambling in your area. If there is, a casino is a great place to meet someone. There could well be plenty of women who are unsatisfied in their current relationship, and are at the casino for that very reason.

A tourist attraction: I live in an area that is a major international travel destination. As such, there are oodles of women from all over the world. Use this to your advantage. It is not too hard to find women traveling with their friends who would not mind the company of some nice local man to help show them around.

The supermarket: Everyone needs to eat, single ladies too. When you are shopping, pay attention to if they appear to be buying meals for one. If so, time your arrival at the checkout line so you have a chance to strike up a conversation. They may shop at the same time every week, so if things go well you have a good chance to meet them again.

The laundry mat: Everyone needs clean clothes as well. This will also give you a chance to sneak a peek if they are washing only their clothes. No kids or men's work clothes is a good sign. They will usually have some time to kill too, which offers plenty of opportunity to strike up a conversation.

A restaurant: A restaurant is a great place to meet people. Not only are there customers to check out, but there are waitresses as well. And, the waitresses have to talk to you as you are the customer. If you see a waitress who has potential, you now know where to find her.

As you can see, there are plenty of places to consider if you are looking to meet a woman. The idea is to think outside the box and find a place where the women may not have their guards up.


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