6th Street Omaha Poker

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I love poker. All kinds, most recently I discovered 6th Street Omaha Poker. I had of course played Texas Hold'em and straight poker and stud poker. But I had never heard of 6th Street Omaha Poker.

To the uninitiated this game will seem a lot like Texas Hold'em. There is a big blind and a small blind, a flop, a turn and a river. But here's where it becomes a little strange to me. You get dealt four cards. The flop is dealt three cards, and then the turn is deal one more card and then the river is one more card. So when you count them up that is four cards in your hand three on the table for the flop and one for the turn and one for the river so that is nine cards altogether. Then you have the option at the end of buying in to yet another card! So that's right 10 cards total.

Sounds pretty good right? It should be easy to put together a good hand when you have ten cards to choose from. Well there is a little something I left out. You can only use two of the cards in your hand. As for the cards in the middle you can only use three of them. So this way you have a normal five card hand only you make it up from parts of the up to ten cards.

So let's say that you are dealt three queens in your hand, and another one pops us during the course of the game. You have four queens now right? No remember I said that you can only use two of your hold cards. This can be really heart breaking. Or at least it was for the first time I played and in the excitment of being eliminated three queens, I forgot I could only use two of them.

The other thing about this game is it seems to start off kind of slow with the betting but then before you know it the pot is huge. This is due in part to the fact that you can buy your last card. This card is a community card and everyone has the option to buy or not to buy. If you choose to buy the card it will cost you 30% of the pot. On top of whatever you have already bet.

The strategy is also different from other kinds of poker. Not only do you have to watch the other players per normal. You also have to keep in mind that your hand will / could change big time with each new card and so can their. So I guess this part is the same except that you have so many cards to choose from so it makes it difficult to pin your opponents down. Do they have the two hearts to go with the other three on the board? Or are they holding a pair? It changes and then just when you know that you have beat them and that you are the greatest poker player ever, they buy that tenth card and get the straight flush that was supposed to be against all odds.

6th Street Omaha Poker I love you!


Source by Greg Ferguson


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