An Approach to Getting Started in Poker

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No matter your intended goal when you start out your poker life, you should begin by playing several types of poker to see which of them suit your natural inclinations, then learn all you can about them and play, play. Pay attention to which of the games you do your best in with ease and enjoyment. If a game comes naturally to you, you will learn and improve to peak potential and have fun (and win money) along the way.

It is true that some games are easier to learn than others. In this sense it may be convenient to begin learning poker with the Holdem varieties of the game, if only because they are by far the most popular and because there is a lot of published material on Holdem, as well as communities and forums constantly sharing their opinions on the subject.

But, hold'em is just a convenient place to start, maybe not the best place for you. Just because Texas Hold'em is the most popular game in the casinos and online doesn't mean that it is a natural for you and will bring the desired results. It is because of its popularity that Texas Hold'em is the holy grail for so many beginners. If everybody plays it, it must be THE game.

Hold'em is a good place to begin if you are not into exerting much effort to improve your skills and learn a game well, or don't care about delving into other varieties of poker. If, however, your goal is to enter the broad, complex, creative side of poker, you need to see it as an adventure and explore the poker universe independently, with the prospect of good fortune and enjoyment down the road. Just don't blow your entire bank on the first few tentative rounds. Take it easy, keep your head on, and you will have the monetary backing to try many types of games.

By allowing yourself the freedom to play many types of games and learn them, you will be much more able to select the game or games in which you want to specialize and spend more time on. The game (s) you like the best are usually the ones you are most naturally good at, which also have the wonderful side effect of making them more enjoyable and profitable. Keep on learning and playing your chosen games and you will gain a sense of pride and accomplishment.

And when afterwards you settle down and begin to specialize and learn from the books, you will know already what of the vast amount of material to look for, what to agree with, and what to ignore. By then you will not only be in command of some of the basics, you will have learned by then to make unconventional insights into the game. You will be able to perfect your skills by practice and reading, but you will also have learned from experience how to observe that which your opponents are not looking out for.

Now you are on your way to playing your own insightful and triumphant game. May lady luck smile on your perseverance and skill.


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