An Overview Of Royal Playing Cards

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If you haven't heard of Royal playing cards there's a chance you've never played cards before. Through all the technology and changes in the card industry, Royal has stuck around for numerous years. Exceptional quality and low prices are both intriguing aspects to this company's consumers. We imagine they will be around for many more years, helping poker players achieve greatness. Below you'll find a few different decks available on the Poker Stars Direct website.

Two Decks Royal Plastic Playing Cards with Star Pattern

Are you ready to have some fun? Poker Stars Direct offers a two deck set from the Royal card company. While it may be the only set they offer from them, its enough for several years worth of card playing. Normally you can find the same two set deck for around eight to ten dollars around the internet, but Poker Stars Direct has them available for almost forty percent off. Why? Its not so much to get your business, but we've noticed that they are a wholesaler who can offer cheaper prices.

Plastic vs. Paper

Over the years, card manufacturers realized they had to move towards the future and find a more durable card to make. While paper playing cards did the job, over time many defects were evident. Most notably was the face of the cards themselves. This translated in the purchasing of new decks over and over again due to lack of longevity. Upon this other things were noticeable like creases, bends, and rips. In the late 1800s and early 1900s any poker player using these kinds of tainted cards were considered cheats.

Today plastic is the innovation which will continue to be the leading way companies make their cards. They alleviate all the issues above by using the highest technology available. The smooth surface and clarity give dealers and players both the best experience possible. Plus, if you happen to spill something on plastic playing cards a damp cloth can simply fix the problem. While you may want to own a paper deck for show, make sure you purchase a plastic deck for play.


One thing many people don't think about when purchasing a deck of cards is the warranty. The people who do, usually are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars for big events or organizational value. The good news for you is if you plan on getting Royal playing cards they offer it for a lifetime. We don't know about you, but if something goes wrong with our deck, its nice to know the situation can be easily taken care of by Royal themselves.

The Overall Analysis

Royal playing cards are great for any occasion, plain and simple. What we love about them is you get years of use at a low cost without having to worry about a defective product. Then of course being able to play many times over and knowing you won't have to change decks anytime soon is nice. Poker Stars Direct can give you several ways to bring card playing right to your home, but using Royal is an experience you'll never forget. When your friends come over, no one has to know how cheap they were.


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