Are You Unlucky If You Never Win the Lottery?

Are You Unlucky If You Never Win the Lottery?

Latest Casino News 24 Jun , 2019 0

If you are like me, you buy a lottery ticket every week. If you are really like me, you also never win. Does that mean that I am unlucky? Does it mean that you are unlucky? No, of course not, luck has nothing to do with you or I never winning the lottery. Lotteries are all random and have everything to do with probabilities and odds - Not luck.

Take Lotto 649, for example. The odds of winning Lotto 6/49 with one ticket are approximately 1-in-14 million. That means for every ticket that wins, there are approximately 13,999,999 tickets that lose (not including secondary prizes). In other words, for every one person that wins, 13,999,999 people lose. Does that make 13,999,999 losers unlucky? I would say no. The odds were against them from the start.

Too many people are superstitious and some would go as far as to believe that divine intervention that one person out of 14 million that wins. If you believe this, then you would say that that one person is lucky. But, lotteries are designed by people and, by design, they are created to be virtually impossible to win. That's man-made. It has nothing to do with anything other than probabilities and odds, by design. So, if you're still superstitious and think that there is divine interference in lotteries, just remember, lotteries are man-made - End of story.

So, do not worry if you feel that you are unlucky. There are 13,999,999 other people that might feel the same way. You will probably never win the lottery, but, even still, you are not as unlucky as you might think.


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