Authentic Felt Poker Tables

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If you want a game that is both fun and engaging but you can do while sitting, then a fabulous card game is right for you. Almost everybody has played a card game at least at one point in their life. Card games are addictive especially when betting is factored in. In the world of gambling, card games remain to be the king. Many people have gambled on card games compare to other games. Out of the many card games that are out there, none can be compared to the fulfillment that one can get from a game of poker. It is a very popular game around the world, and millions of poker players have taken chances on this game to win coveted pots.

Poker is usually played in casinos. However, anyone can bring in the casino feel of playing poker at home anytime with just the right supplies. To enhance your poker game night at home, you just need some materials. First, of course, is to get decent decks of cards that are long lasting and easy to handle, deal and shuffle. Next is to purchase nice-looking and hard to break poker chips that will last you a few good years. You also have the option to buy a poker table, complete with drinks and holders and covered with some kind of felt. Poker table is considered by many poker aficionados as a needed material in hosting a great poker game at home. One of the most important aspects of a poker table is felt. It is important that you choose the right felt fabric in buying a new poker table or upholstering an existing poker table.

Felt poker table can come in different fabrics such as Suited Poker Cloth, Suited Speed ​​Cloth, Faux Casino Suede Felt and Woven Wool Poker Cloth. A suited Speed ​​Cloth is considered as the most popular fabric used in poker tables. This type of felt is often applied with waterproofing agent to make it resistant to spills and liquid stains. If for instance, a drink spilled on the table during a poker game, it will just bead up on this type of fabric so you will have less trouble in cleaning up. They come in different color such as green, blue, emerald, gun metal, red, gold and many others.

Another felt poker table type is Suited Poker Cloth, which is known for its durability. You can have that satisfying of cards sliding smoothly on this fabric as you deal them. The downside of this table felt is that it is not water resistant. The Woven Wool Poker Cloth is one of the cheapest fabrics available and cards also slide smoothly across this type of felt. The Faux Casino Suede Felt, on the other hand, is the closest thing to the authentic Casino felt.


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