Basics of Texas Hold'em Poker

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If you want to be a player of Texas Hold'em Poker then you must learn the basics of it before jumping into it. If you are a beginner then first learn the basics in order to master it.

The game consists of 52 cards and there are five cards that are dealt face up in the center. They are also known as community cars, window cards shared or even board cars. Keep this jargon in mind since they can help you a lot. There is a dealer when playing this game and if you are playing it at home then one of the players can be the dealer and after each hand it has to changed clockwise. The button of the dealer goes from one player to another and is done clockwise. This act shows who is the dealer and the dealer button is called as the Buck.

The game starts when two cards are faced downwards and are dealt. The cards which are dealt are called pocket or hole cars. Pocket cards stay at the table but the player can look at them whenever he wants to. The main concept of the game is to make the best combination possible. Also, who makes the best combination wins the bet. So, you must learn how to make combination's.

Betting takes place when two players who are sitting on the left side of the dealer make blind bets. The player sitting right next to the dealer is called the small blind and the big blind is the player next to small blind. But if the player is sitting left to the big blinder he is called as the straddle. The advantage that this player has is that it can post his bet last.

Player sitting next to straddle has the right to raise, call or even fold but the next player can do this as well but one that they can re-raise it. The amount is fixed whenever the player raises it.


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