Bet to See Where You Are in the Hand

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Information betting is part of playing good poker. You should sometimes make a bet just to see where you stand in the hand. If you are called or raised, you can assume the live casino player or players have a possible hand. Now that you know there is interest in the hand, you can evaluate whether the hand you hold is strong enough to win or not. If you still feel you have the winning hand, you could check raise the next round of betting. Information type betting can save you from making a serious mistake later in the hand and putting losing money on a second best hand.

Lack of a raise or a receiver call can inform you as to the possible strength of an opponent's hand. If you are of the opinion they are weak or you have the winner you can tailor your bets to get maximum value for the hand. If they raise your bet you can just fold if you think you are playing a dead hand. The small loss can be made up later on a strong hand. The best part about an information bet is that it can save you from a serious loss in a tournament. You can have a bad loss in a cash game too, but you can recover by paying for a refill. In a tournament when you are out of chips, you are finished with the tournament.

When you are in a hand that is raised and reraised, you better have a very good draw, as you are probably going to need help from the board to win the hand. If the help does not come, get out of the hand as cheaply as possible. The secret to winning poker is lose as little as possible on losing hands.

If you can do this with consistency, you will not need to have so many winning pots or an amazing run of luck to get back to even or ahead. When a rush does show up, you should push it as far as you can. Bet a lot when you have the best of it and hope you get called. Playing a rush is the best way to win and being aware of it is critical. Some players will not push a rush, as they are worried that it will end. Not playing hard when the cards are running over you is not the way to play winning poker.


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