Betting on Italian – Italian Lottery and Life in Italy

Betting on Italian – Italian Lottery and Life in Italy

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For many foreigners, the idea of ​​living in Italy summons up idyllic images of countryside villas, good wine and fresh gouda cheese. The Italian lottery is hardly something that you'd think was a major part of the local consciousness. But just wait until this jackpot gets big enough, and you can witness a veritable lotto mania among the populace. Still think the Italian lottery's not a big thing?

Italian Lottery: Lottery is a Passion

The Italian lottery may be an unusual thing to be passionate about, but that does not stop the locals - and a good number of foreigners - from showing their enthusiasm. A good example was the betting frenzy that ensued when the largest SuperEnalotto - the official Italian lottery game - jackpot went up for grabs in October 2008.

Betters came out in droves and queued up at Italian lottery agents, buying tickets in record numbers. Storekeepers reportedly unbelievably long lines through the day in the last 24 hours before the draw. Over 100 million 1 bets were placed in the days leading up to the draw, even prompting citizens' group Codacon to file a complaint against this lottery officials for the lotto madness, where many people allegedly sent their entitlement life savings on bets.

Lessons from Italians: Italian Lottery Strategies

Even in the United States and the United Kingdom, it's not uncommon for friends or family members to pool money together in order to buy several lotto tickets. Avid betters on the Italian lottery have taken this little stratagem to a whole new level by pooling considering amounts of cash and then buying entire chunks of number combinations.

Take, for example, a reported syndicate bet of 30,000 (around £ 23,600) to buy just as many 1 tickets. Although Italian Italian lottery authorities claim a syndicate bet was illegally to have won the record jackpot, it's a pretty good idea from a statistical and mathematical point of view.

Just like any other lottery game, this lottery is a game of pure chance. With countless possible number combinations stacking the odds against you, the only way to 'increase' your odds of winning is to simply cover as many possibilities as possible, in the hopes that one of them turns out to be the jackpot combination. Pooling money with other people might just give you a portion of the prize, but a slice of that mammoth Italian lottery jackpot pie is by far better than nothing at all.

Italian Lottery Wisdom

It's often quipped that you'll find yourself suddenly swamped by friends and family - everyone palms upward - when you win any amount of money. Most players in this lottery know this, but are not as worried about pesky relatives as they are about another threat to their money - the mafia.

That's why nobody was surprised when the winner of the massive October 2008 Italian lottery jackpot did not even bother to come out to the press. The winning ticket was bought in the town of Catania in Sicily - the place which the Cosa Nostra calls home. Nationwide fame apparently was not alluring enough when organized crime came into the equation.

If you've been playing the lotto numbers for a while, it's a good idea to just stop, watch and even buy tickets for the Italian lottery. It looks very similar to its US and UK counterparts, but on an entirely unprecended scale.


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