Betting Strategies For Heads Up Poker

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Playing poker is a completely different game when you are heads up. The amounts of players that are in a poker game completely change the strategy of how it's played. There are a lot of things to think about when you are playing and one of them is the amount of cards that are out of the deck. If there are a lot of players then there are a lot of hand possibilities. If there are not a lot of players then it is just the opposite.

Playing against just one player means that there are not a lot of hand possibilities. If you think about it you have a 50% chance of getting dealt the best hand each and every time. There are only two of you so there are not many hand possibilities out there. The only other hand besides yours is obviously the other players hand. Remember that you do not have to have a good hand to win a pot; you just have to have a better hand then your opponent has.

The good thing about heads up poker is that you do not even always have to have the best hand to win the pot. The biggest part of heads up poker is the betting. More times then none the more aggressive poker player is going to win a heads up match. This is just simply because there are not going to be that many good hands dealt. There is going to be a lot more bad hands then there will be good hands. The player that bets will usually win the pot. Even if the pot is small that tends to add up after a few hands.

The best way to win a heads up poker game is by betting as often as possible. You have to be careful that you are not running into a trap. As long as your opponent does not have a decent hand he or she will have no choice but to fold most of the time. They will probably start to catch on pretty quick but that is even better.

It is even harder to get paid off when you do get a good hand then it is to get your opponent to fold when you do not have a good hand. That is another reason why betting often is a good strategy. This will give you a lot less respect in the eyes of your opponent. Most of the times they are not going to think you have a good hand. You will find that your opponent will start to call your bets with small pairs and even with high cards. The more they start to do this, the more you are building your way to getting paid off with a good hand.

Before you know it you have built up a good lead with all of the small pots. By then your opponent will think you are completely full of it (which you are). The next thing you know you will get dealt a monster. When it comes time to play a monster you just keep betting like always and your opponent will call with the thought that you have absolutely nothing at all in your hand. Sooner or later, you are going to get a monster hand and get paid off because your opponent will call with a pair of threes.

The key to being successful heads up is being as aggressive as you possibly can. The more aggressive you are the more hands you will win. This will backfire sometimes but you just have to be able to spot a trap. If you can stay clear of the traps you will never have a problem.


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