Big Blind And Little Blind

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There are many strategies one can incorporated when playing a game of
poker. Although poker is a game of chance, and your game is only as
good as your hand, there are ways you can learn to play those hands in
order to optimize what you have and help increase your chances of
winning the game. One such strategy is Big Blind vs Small Blind.

The big blind and small blind are the automatic bets that must be made
in any single hand of a poker game. The higher the stakes you are
playing, the higher the blinds. When you are on either one of the
blinds, you are not in a positional advantage. Remember, acting
last gives you positional advantage because it means you get to see
what your opponents do before you act. This is why where you sit
at the table during a poker game is very important to your game.

The big and little blind act first, (pre-flop), but since you are last
to act after the flop, turn, and river, which puts you at a

Since the value of a small blind is half that of a big blind, you
should see more flops as you already have chips in the pot. If no
raises occur in the pot and the big blind is $ 10.00 the small blind
will have to be $ 5.00 in order to see the flop.

In this scenario, the big blind will get to see a free flop. A
trap that players sometimes fall into, especially beginners, is trying
to aggressively defend their blinds. This is a very bad move
because it is an automatic bet that you have no control over having to
pay. Because of this, you should base the decision to put more
chips into the pot on if the pot size and the cards you have warrant
committing them.

Do not feel that you have to defend anything. Only put more chips
in the pot if the situation will be profitable for you.

Typically, if you are on the small blind and there has not been a
raise, you should play the pot, since you have already put half that
amount that you will need in order to see a flop. If a few
players have limped into the pot, you should play fitted connectors to
fitted aces, pocket pairs, and fitted cards.

In this situation, you can loosen up a little, since it is costing you
much to see a flop. In the big blind, you should play much the
same, even with one raise. It does, of course, depend on the
strength of your hand.

Once you understand how these works, you will be able to use it to your
advantage when possible, which will, in turn, help improve your game.


Source by Keith Londrie


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