Bingo For the Brain

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You always hear how you should exercise you mind by playing memory or mind games. But can playing Bingo online also give you the same results? The answer in short is absolutely. And while most often you may feel this answer will come from more older players, a recent study or more than 100 online players, with ages ranging from 22 to 82, will also give you the same answer.

We always hear on the news and at work how we should exercise our body and keep a healthy diet so that we can remain strong and fit, and so that even as we get older we are not limited to what we can do by our bodies. The same is true of our minds. We need to exercise our minds and keep them thinking so that we are able to have good memory and calculating skills. So how do we exercise our brains you may ask? There are many way which include bingo. Many people may try and get you to do memory games over and over when you could actually be playing bingo and getting the same results. Doing crossword puzzles is often cited as a good way in which you can exercise your brain. It is interesting to note then that doing crossword puzzles and playing online bingo exercise the same parts of your brain and give you the same results.

A recent study carried out on a group of people showed that people who were playing online bingo did better in tests for recognition and memory than those people who had never played online bingo. In this study it demonstrated that even the older online bingo players were rating the same scores as the youngger players. This study shows that it is possible to have an active and alert mind at any age and that bingo absolutely helps with that.

This study also had an interesting result, that those people that were playing online bingo were much better at completing tasks and finishing them than quicker than non-bingo players. This is a very important aspect of living. You day is filled with tasks to be done both at work and at home, and if you are able to complete the task and in a faster time you are able to spend more of your day enjoying yourself. A lot of people waste time trying to complete tasks and many times give up all together, while bingo players who finish the tasks they get also the sense of self-worth in completing them. With an improved mind you are able to do things you may not have thought you could before.

It is generally know that people who play online bingo do it for the fun and social benefits first and everything else that comes with it is just a bonus. You will always have the possibility of winning a prize but enjoying yourself and talking with people is why many people started playing. Now everyone who plays online bingo can enjoy them a little more knowing that they are exercising their brain and keeping their mind sharp for the years to come.


Source by Siobhan Donaldson


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