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Bingo strategies are the route way which a player uses as there are endless pattern in the bingo game. Players around the globe knew only handful of tricks earlier but with the involvement of more and more people in the game the passionate and skillful players came up with new and more effective strategies with passage of time. Thus few bingo strategies are common and known to all and some are only known to the pros of the game. As the game is played at various places the same strategy could possibly be called with different names. One should also remember that choosing non duplicate cards increases the chance of winning and therefore be adaptive in choosing different cards using same cards.

Usually the patterns are set before the game starts, but sometimes the games aren't limited to a single pattern only. The caller may at any point of the game declare another pattern on the way towards a blackout in the game. Hence you may win more than one jackpot in a single game or more than one player can win a jackpot in the same game.

Players playing with more than one card can even play for a more interesting pattern which isn't limited to a single card only. As an example a giant straight line bingo pattern means a straight line pattern extending over more than one card.

Sometimes many patterns have shapes which point in any direction on the card and therefore such patterns are known as "crazy". For example, if you are playing for a simple 'T' pattern, in a crazy pattern game you can make a pattern which resembles an upside down 'T'.

To keep the game away from being monotonous, the bingo halls change the pattern. In the game the patterns are explained by the caller every time before the game begins to which the players should be very attentive. In case of complicated patterns, it serves many purposes as the caller does so.

Moreover for the convenience of the player many advanced technologies are used like lighted electronic boards over the cards. But for inexperienced player to understand such pattern still demands a better understanding of the game.

"Divide and rule", this saying proves apt for the purpose of winning the bingo game and is one of the best bingo strategies. The player must always break the complicated patterns into smaller fragments in order to understand the pattern better and improve his chance of winning.


Source by Pankaj Diya Gupta


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