Bingo Terminology

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As with any game bingo too has its own set of terms that are commonly used. In this article I will attempt to familiarize you with the common bingo terms you are inevitably going to encounter.

One player: When a player is one number away from winning.
Bingo board: This is the board that displays a random set of numbers, instead of the numbers being called out. This board is usually very large so everyone playing the game can easily view it.

Buy in and minimum buy in: The minimum number of cards that qualify you as a player of the game. The buy in varies with each game. Minimum buy-in is the least amount of money that you will need to spend if you want to enter the game and be counted among the contenders for the prize up for grabs.

Caller: This person is an important part of the game however he or she does not play the game. The caller is a person that calls out the numbers as the numbered are drawn.
Coverall: This type of bingo game requires that all the numbers on the bingo card be covered in order to win. This type of bingo is not commonly played.

Dauber: In order to mark the numbers on the bingo card easily a pen with a thick foam tip is used. This pen is called a dauber and is thick enough to mark the whole number easily.
Bingo booklet: This bingo booklet has a number of sheets depending on the game. Each sheet is a different color. These sheets are organized in sequence in which the game will be played.

Six-pack and nine-pack: The number of numbers on a bingo card during a specific game.
Wrap up: This usually means the end of a game. Bingo is played at many times of the day and for each time there is a specific name for example: moonlight bingo which commences with the moon is seen. And the early bird game that starts very early in the morning.

Bingo terminology is fairly easy to pickup as with any other game in bingo you will have to utilize these terms in order to be a respected player. A learner you might forget or substitute the term for another word. But that's OK as long as you have fun and make lots of friends in the process.


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