Break Up Advice – Some Good News

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How can the person you trusted with your life, your soul mate and best friend suddenly become your worst nightmare? One minute your relationship was bumping along with a few problems to sort out and the next thing you know your ex / partner has declared relationship null and void. What happened to the person you thought you new and trusted? How could it come like a bolt from the blue and now they are not even speaking to you?

Unfortunately when relationships end there is usually one person who is busy trying to fix things while the other is dropping their escape. That's not to say leaving is waterproof but they have several advantages over the fixer. First they have had time to get used to the idea that the relationship is over. They may even have a new partner lined up. The second important advantage they have is that psychologically they are in control of their own destiny; they make the decision to leave and the fixer is left shocked and powerless.

Not being in control of what happens to you causes your brain to back flips; it really does not like the unknown because that spells danger. As a result your brain induces the stress response which is what makes you feel nervous and nauseous.

If you are suffering as a result of your partner leaving I have some good news for you:

  • Using simple techniques you can treat the pain and shock you are experiencing and also reduce the length of your recovery time.
  • The big wheel turns; you will not feel powerless for long, you will come out of this stronger than ever.
  • So long as you follow good principles you will emerge from this with your self esteem intact and your head held high.


Source by Stephen Stewart-Nixon


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