California Roulette Changes the Game

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The business of casino gaming is booming in the golden state of California. Majestic casino and hotel high risers are beginning to dominate landscapes that were once home to California's original nomadic settlers, Native Americans. The California Tribal Gaming Competitions, signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, have allowed for the extensive expansion of casinos in the state. Currently the State of California has identified compacts with 67 Native American Tribes.

What does all of this mean? It means that there is "gold" to be made by vendors that supply casinos with equipment, furniture, carpet, cards, tables and more. However, gaming supplies in California are unique in that traditional craps and roulette gaming are prohibited. California law strictly forbids any house-banked games played with dice, and roulette, meaning "little wheel," falls into that category.

Enter the advent of California roulette and a new set of roulette supplies. California roulette is very similar to the traditional game of roulette, except California roulette requires cards rather than the normal ball-bearing wheel and includes a unique set of bets. The roulette supplies and layout required to play California roulette vary from casino to casino. Barona Casino in San Diego is home to the only singe-zero roulette wheel in the state. To comply with California law, the wheel is coupled with a 37-card deck and a special layout that allows cards to be removed from the deck and placed in regions on the table identified by number ranges. The range the ball lands in determinates the card that is flipped over.

Other roulette supplies utilized to play California roulette at casinos across the state include bingo hoppers, colored roulette wheels without numbers, a "big six" wheel and card-style roulette layout tables. The look and feel of California roulette can vary broadly from casino to casino, but the basic premise of this traditional game of chance is always the same.

Smart casino suppliers have capitalized on California's unique laws and plethora of casinos by modifying their supplies to cater to California tribal casinos. In 2010, with 57 Native American tribes operating 58 casinos across the state, casino suppliers are flocking to California's next big gold rush.


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