Can You Calculate Poker Odds Quickly Enough to Compete With the Big Boys?

Can You Calculate Poker Odds Quickly Enough to Compete With the Big Boys?

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As Texas Holdem and other poker games continue to grow in popularity, so does the quality of the players (your opponents). It is essential to the success every player that you learn to calculate odds quickly and accurately.

Lets give it a try. For example, lets say we hold a 8 and A of hearts and the flop comes down 6 9 7 with two hearts. Here's how you calculate your chance of hitting the flush. First let's count our poker outs. Any heart will give us a flush. There are 9 hearts left in the deck (13 to begin with, minus the two in our hand and the two on the board). In other words, we have 9 outs.To calculate our odds of hitting our flush with the turn and river to come, simply multiply the number of outs by 4. (9x4 = 36). If the number of outs is higher than eight, subtract 1 from your total. That gives us 35. We have roughly a 35% chance of hitting our flush with the turn and river to come.

What if there's only the river to come? In this case, we multiply our number of outs by 2, and add 1 if we have 6 or more outs. (9x2 + 1 = 19) We have a 19% chance of hitting our flush with only the river card to come. Piece of cake, right? Do not you wish it was that easy.

You also have the chance of hitting a straight. Remember, you're holding an 8 and there is a 6,7 ​​and 9 on the board. Now any 5 or 10 will give you a straight and that increases your number of outs. And did I forget to mention that there is $ 100 in the pot and it will cost you $ 25 to call. Now you have to figure pot odds in addition to hand odds.

I do not know about you, but I became confused after the 9x4 = 36.

The beauty of it all is that there are free online poker calculators that are available to you to assist you in these calculations. They make all these calculations automatically instantaneously for you. They are also allowed in a large number of poker rooms. You now have the advantage of knowing your hand odds and pot odds. In addition, the poker odds calculator takes your table position into account.

Now that the mathematics is done for you, you simply have to decide what your opponent may have, and if you want to play your hand.

Poker odds calculators do not guarantee success, but they definitely increase your chances of success.


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