Card Counting Secrets Scam? What This Program Is All About

Card Counting Secrets Scam? What This Program Is All About

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Card Counting Secrets is one of many methods available online today for the bettor to try and beat blackjack. So in saying that, is is any different than some of the other systems out there? And if it is, what sets it apart? In this Card Counting Secrets Scam review I'm going to speak about everything I know relating to the program to help you make a better decision about this product.

Let me start by saying that I do not think that Card Counting Secrets is a scam in any way, and in fact is the best method of counting cards I've ever come across. I've been gambling professionally for over five years now and I did learn to count cards around four years ago, however the original method I learned was much more difficult and took me literally months to learn.

Card Counting Secrets is basically a method devised by a group of MIT graduates who wanted to create a method of card counting that anyone of average intelligence could learn. Their story was recently immortalized on the silver screen in the hit movie 21, which you may or may not have already seen.

Previous methods of card counting required the student to have a huge knowledge of blackjack, a great memory and a whole lot of dedication in order to succeed. With Card Counting Secrets however, the average Joe can learn how to count cards with only a few days invested in the video lessons that make up the greatest part of this method.

While previous methods of counting cards have required the bettor to remember virtually every card in the deck, Card Counting Secrets works by having the student only remember the very critical high cards - Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten - in order to gain the advantage card counting can offer. This is achieved by a method of memory 'anchoring' which is taught in this learning system.

As far as card counting methods go, this is by far the quickest and easiest way I know for the bettor to learn to count cards and beat the casino. While it will not work with online casinos means you'll have to venture out of your home to use it, think of that as a benefit as real-world casino gambling is a whole lot more fun than clicking your mouse sitting at home.

Would I recommend it? Most definitely. Take it from a professional gambler that this is one of the simplest ways almost anyone can get into the glitz and glamor world of career betting.


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