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Eastern Asia is were you'll find The People's Republic of China. It is one of the third largest countries in the world in the vicity of Russia and Canada. Near 65 percent of the total area is comprised of mountains and hills. It has a field of 9.6 million square kilometers or one-fifteenth of the world's land mass.

The country has a wide spread of rich heritage and numerous religions, of which Buddhism, Taoism and Islam. Family name precedes the given name in China. For instance Chan Lee would mean that Chan is the family name and Lee is his given name. China is comprized of 56 nationalities with the Han people making up 92% of the population. Mandarin is considered the national language and Beijing is the country's majestic capital city. Paper, gunpowder, the compass and printing press was invented was invented in the country.

China my be superstitious in nature, which has given increase to the betting and gambling instincts of the People's Republic. If you visit the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, you will see that the vast majority of the patrons are Asian Americans or Chinese.

Playing or gambling at casinos in relatives 'or friends' homes is an accepted form of social activity. Chinese casinos flourish because of the deep-rooted love for wealth among the Chinese. Casinos are view upon as a plateau to build business ties and sign deals, contracts, etc. The people have forced to end under the perils of a suffocated economy, longing for economic independence akin to the Americans. Chinese casinos, in turn, form one of the most common mediums to get rich fast.

You'll probably see middle-aged women frequenting casinos and playing gambling games. Due to the highly work-conscious culture, the majority of the men, who have given their time and hearts out to the progress of Modern China, are always busy with their professional careers. Their spouses (housewives) sometimes have a lot of time on their hands and subsequently get bored staying at home alone. In order to socialize, women may visit casinos. Most Chinese or some, may even the vastly successful ones, view gambling as a stress-free and a fun relaxing activity. For others, the Chinese casinos are a place that brings the best out of them in terms of excitation and mental awareness.

Now the trend has shifted to the Chinese poker games online. One can play with real money or just play with a simulated version of real money to their hearts' content.


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