Crazy Pineapple Poker Sit-n-Go Strategy

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Crazy pineapple poker has been taking the online poker community and poker enthusiasts around the globe by storm. There are many online and casino sit-n-go tournaments out there where players of all skill levels can compete for prizes and cash awards. Perhaps you are wondering what crazy pineapple poker strategy is best for these types of sit-n-go tournaments to cash in on this new exciting craze. To maximize your profits (or build your ego) when playing crazy pineapple poker in a sit-n-go tournament, you must learn the most effective strategies that allow you to see big winnings - crazy pineapple poker often pays out even more than Omaha or pineapple's close cousin, Texas Holdem. Let's look at some proven strategies to make your crazy pineapple poker playing efforts pay off big:

Jam the Pot During Sit-n-Go Crazy Pineapple Poker Tourneys

If you have played poker very much, you know that a jammed pot (one that is raised to the max) can mean only one thing: somebody's going home with a boost to their bankroll. Of course you want that someone to be you. One thing that players of crazy pineapple poker come to realize after just a few hands of the game is that the pot in this game can grow quite large. Why? Because more hands are still being played going into the flop round because more players have a better chance to get a good hand (as opposed to Holdem) due to each player receiving three cards instead of just two. For an average game of crazy pineapple poker with eight players, it is not a rare occurrence to see even lower limit pots upwards of eighty dollars before discard. Jammed pots in crazy pineapple poker can stack up significantly, especially if you are the winner. Your bankroll will thank you for sticking around!

Hands to Look for in Sit-n-Go Play of Crazy Pineapple Poker

Pairs have big pull when it comes to taking home the money in crazy pineapple poker. Players who are holding a pair of less than tens going into the flop should stay in the game at least up until the flop round; you'll be surprised to see how many players get some help once the community cards are laid on the table. By the flop, this type of hand is made if is going anywhere at all. After the flop, raising on the pairs that you have in your hand can give your opponents the impression that you are holding better cards than they are and may scare off some of the folks in the game who are holding better hands than yours. If you have only a pair at the turn, however, it is time to fold while you still can and save your chips for the next hand.

For those players who might luck into a "backdoor flush" in crazy pineapple poker sit-n-go tournament action, the best course of play is to play with a type of cautious aggression that will not scare off players with possibly weaker hands. Do not show your complete confidence in your hand by betting and raising, choosing rather to let the pot build up on its own naturally.

Preparing for Crazy Pineapple Poker Sit-n-Go Tournaments

One advantage that the poker player of today has over those of say, ten or fifteen years ago, is that there are online poker rooms out there in great number - many of them free - where players can practice to hone their poker playing skills for games like crazy pineapple poker prior to investing money in a tournament. These sites require you only to create a free account (which is very simple) and then allow you to practice to your heart's content with free money - and practice is the best way to learn what type of strategy you should be using for your crazy pineapple poker strategy.


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