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How often do we ever see doctors visiting our homes as they did in the old days? Now if you wait less than an hour for them in their offices and see them for a few minutes you are lucky.

Michael Posner a veterinarian in the Boca Delray area of ​​South Florida is a visiting Doctor. He goes right to the your home to see your pet, no longer do you have to deal with your pets fear of going to the doctor. Dr Posner is their friend and he is coming to their home to visit them.

This wonderful local professional is a community man, as well; Dr Posner has been involved with hosting the Delray Film Fest for several years. He is interested in creating an environment that welcomes artists in the film industry. Encouraging them to come to South Florida. Dr Posner encourages them to feel at home presenting their films.

The Delray film fest has been well known throughout South Florida. Dr Posner first introduced it five years ago. With the help of loyal hard-working friends he was able to create it and make it a success straight out the door. Working from his home he gathered the volunteers from those in the neighborhood that loved films.

It was not too long until Delray Film Fest was an event well attended with a growing volunteer list every year from then on.

Who does not love the movies on the big screen, the glamor of meeting the artists, directors, casts and producers? Who would not have a great time at the parties? It reminded me of the grand days at the Balls in New Orleans. I hurried to get there every day, coming right back in the evenings for more.

Newly named, Downtown Boca film fest, just started this year, April 9, 2011 and it was well accepted.

The social set was sparkling with one gown more beautiful than the next. All celebrated at the Gala Hollywood Casino night at the Misner Cultural Center that first evening.

There were producers, actors and even Marilyn Monroe herself traveling to the crowds from the stage. The food the restaurants provided was divine and the games were exciting. I played craps, roulette and black jack, turning the value of my chips from 1000 into 3000. I felt like I was in Hollywood back in the forties.

Everyone had a great time that first night, returning for the opening night film and runway party a couple of nights later.

This was one film fest I did not want to miss, there were over 150 films being screened at the Movies of Delray and at the Misner Cultural Center.

I believe I loved the informational classes, that were being offered by the professionals in the field, most of all.

The instructional sessions included screen writing, film making, acting, and more. All the classes were free of charge and open to the public.

I attended fewer this year then I had the years before and was sorry for it. I had another commitment at the time helping somewhere else and had to miss a few of the sessions. One of the classes I enjoyed the most was the 'making a film for pennies' presented by instructor Frank Eberling, Director of Turkles.

That is not to say I did not love the after hour parties evening and night, they were fantastic. This was the event of the year.

Come join us next year. Look for me I would love to say hello. See you at the Downtown Boca film fest 2012.


Source by Lorraine Blum


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