Dress Properly For Poker

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You may have got your poker face all worked out but have you given any thoughts about what you are intending to wear? It goes without saying that if you are playing online poker; you do not need to worry about being in your tracksuits bottoms, as the internet allows you to gamble in the comfort of your own home. But if you intend to get out and sit down at the round table you need to think about comfort and style, this will give you a game advantage. It's a good idea to create a good poker image - psychologically this can be just as good as your hand.

A lot of poker players will choose to wear dark sunglasses; This is so that their fellow opponents can not easily read their moves or reactions to cards. In addition these players are able to read their opponents reactions. Many people believe that those who choose to wear sunglasses at the poker table have a distinct advantage over those who do not. But sometimes over confidence can be a poker players biggest downfall, do you think you would play differently if you wore sunglasses?

In addition poker players can wear baseball caps, visors or hats to further disguise their reactions to cards dealt. However, under the casino lights this is not always the best option so try to remember that comfort can only enhance your concentration. Sometimes people will make assumptions about how experienced you are according to what you wear. Some more serious players who visit different casinos regularly, dress as tourists to make other players believe they are novices and not locals. Do not make assumptions about the guy wearing a floral shirt, but rather, stand back and pay attention to how he is playing.

Many experienced poker players may have a lucky sports shirt that they wear to play and do not believe in disguising their reactions to the cards that are dealt. Some players will wear special logos or motifs. Be aware that you should decide to wear cleverly logo t-shirts people can use this to their advantage, making it a point of conversation to try and sway your concentration. Players who get easily distracted can sometimes wear headphones to listen to music so they can concentrate and focus. Of course there are some casinos that do not permit phone, mp3 players or other such devices. There are, of course, specially designed garments for poker players, such as pants with pocket dividers for casino chips, and polo shirts that keep you warm in the air conditioned casinos.

For women it is always advisable to dress appropriately, a short skirt and a top that shows too much cleavage should not be the reason why you keep winning. Poker players should have recognized for their skill rather than tricks. Of course if you are playing strip poker it's not really what you have got on top that you should worry about ... ladies try to make sure you are wearing matching underwear and men make sure it's clean!


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