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Just about all over the world, there are different types of lotteries with the corresponding pot amounts, prices, and sometimes combinations. Considered as legal gambling in almost all countries, there have been millions vying for the ultimate prize. Among one of these lotteries is based in Greece called the Extra 5.

The Extra 5 consists of choosing a five numbers from one to thirty five, where the odds are about one in over three hounded thousand chances. The draw is done on a daily basis, which has met a nice estimation of Euros from Greece.

Naturally, just like any lotto, there's a bit of science and logic required in order to make the most on getting the combination.

One of the best ways to get the combination is to choose an odd-even combination, which is getting two odds and three evens and vice versa. In a sense, it would allow a good chance that the numbers will show up. Another factor to consider is this: the most possible numbers happens and the least does not.

It will be hard to choose just solid odds or evens or even some might take the ages from their families, assuming the father is at thirty-five years old. This is not a smart way to consider choosing the numbers.

Sometimes, some lotto players may consider silly combinations such as the one to five play or multiples (like six, twelve, eighteen ... etc). It might hit, but chances would run down at less than thirty percent at the time. Considering that playing the lottery includes spending, they might end up getting broke buying Extra 5 tickets just because it's not done while thinking.

History is an important friend to those who play Extra 5, especially keeping tabs on past combinations that have managed to come close to winning the jackpot. And sometimes, getting to use the last jackpot-winning combination, who knows. A lot of lotto players in Greece have been known to have written down past drawn numbers and doing a bit of cross-referencing.

And in any form of gambling, taking risks is not a fun way of playing. The money spend putting down that combination must be done with an odd sense of pride and enjoyment, otherwise they might just rethink things over and just turn back home. Consider the Greeks with white-collar jobs (or even farmers) getting their hands on a ticket. They have much to gain by trying their mettle even if they know the chances are over three hundred thousand. Persistence and smart playing is the key factor.

Playing Extra 5 can be considered as something for the serious lotto enthusiast, knowing that they can buy a ticket every day or once a week will know how much they can spend. It may not be easy at first, yet trying their luck on a game of numbers to earn more than the number of figures is where half the excitation coming from. And if any chance someone would visit Greece, consider buying an Extra 5 lotto ticket along the way.


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