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Imagine a world where you do not have to get up every morning and get ready to walk into your boring job and not have time to do anything with your life. Mid life crisis happens because people one day wake up realizing that they have never done anything important with their lives and it is half over. Your time on Earth is very short, make the most of it.

These words should ring out every morning when you wake up. This is to motivate you to find ways to generate more time with your life to do the things you want to do, not the things everyone else wants you to do. Imagine a time when robots will do the work for us, and we can do what we please with our lives, what would you do?

This dream is starting to become a reality in one of the largest markets on the planet. The Forex Market is a market that $1.5 trillion dollars goes through daily. The markets move based on a number of reasons. Trends and human emotions comprise of the largest reasons the markets move. Predicting the market a 100% is impossible but predicting the market slightly more than 55% is all you need to be walking into the riches. Ask a professional poker player. It is not just luck that they get so much wins. They play the risks right to get the most money out of each round. There are people who live off of the winnings of poker!

What these robots are designed to do is play the game right. You have financial indicators that use mathematical equations to tell you when to buy and when to sell your currency pair. These are great opportunities to generate a great wealth of money.

Not all poker players are successful, but the successful ones can start over and be successful again and again. This is no accident, and these results have been proven. This is the same as the Forex investors. Not everyone is successful, but the successful ones can start over and become successful over and over again with little effort.

To add one more thing. One extra thing that makes these successful Forex traders and Poker players successful is their willingness to get down and do what is required to make them successful. It is easy to have a few bad hands or a few bad trades make you just stop. That is not what you want to do, you want to use these failures as learning for next time and still keep on going, right now.


Source by Tony B. Jones


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