Golf And Poker Are Two Popular Games With Much In Common

Golf And Poker Are Two Popular Games With Much In Common

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Golf and poker are two games that on the surface would appear to be completely different and unrelated. Many players of these two games may tend to disagree as it has been widely observed that many golfers enjoy and thrive in poker and many poker players love the game of golf and are actually very good at it. The games of golf and poker have some obvious difference, as golf is a physical sport whereas poker is strictly a cerebral contest there are a few similarities between the two popular pastimes that tend to overlap.

Poker like golf are both contests in which the competitor is competing on their own and not as part of team, occasionally there are golf matches that are played in pairs but the sport is still very individualistic. The golfer and the poker player are both left to their own skill and resources and have no team to fall back on, it is an individual challenge where the goal is to always beat a personal best, be it the size of the bluff or the lowest golf score.

These two games are both sports competitions that depend very heavily on making the best decisions in order to play well and win. In poker it may be a well-timed bluff or folding a good hand when you are beat. In golf the decision may be club or shot selection in a certain approach position as well as calculations about a risky shot versus a more conservative one.

The competitions are also both games in which people are competing for prizes in tournaments and even gambling for cash sometimes a gentleman's game and sometimes very high stakes. Golfers and poker players are both competitors who are willing to bet on their own talents and use skill and guts to compete at the highest levels or in a less serious game just try to beat their friends.

Poker players and golfer are always competing with themselves to get better at their craft. Both are competitions that require a great deal of mental fortitude and toughness in bad times. It is also the temperament of the best players in either sport to keep emotions on an even keel in either the best or worst of times. The next time you are on the golf course or at the poker table don't be surprised if you are competing against some of the same people, competitive and tough players.


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