Happiness, Luck and Cause and Effect

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"Yesterday I was happy, Dr. Bob, my luck was great. Today I am unhappy; I lost a bundle at the tables," said Rich as he walked through the doorway of my office.

"Sit down and tell me about it, Rich," I said. He sat in one of the visitor chairs.


Rich said, "Yesterday morning I went to the casino and won a bundle. Luck was really with me. I felt on top of the world. Smiling and bouncing about, you know. But I just came from the casino where I lost all I Won yesterday and then some. My luck was gone. Now I'm dragging my tail. What's up with that, Dr. Bob? "

"You are relying on luck to see your way clear to happiness, Rich. It does not work that way. Happiness has more to do with cause and effect than with luck."

Worried About a Gambling Addiction

I was very worried that Rich was developing a gambling dependency. If he did not find his way clear of luck as his prime motivator of his own happiness, he was obviously at that level already.

"Tell me about your gambling activities," I said. Rich talked about how he went to the casino two days a month, right after he got paid. He limited himself to $ 50 and when that was gone, or he won, he quit for the month. If he lost the entire $ 50, he went home until next pay day.

At this point sounded like a hobby to me. I told him, frankly, that I was concerned for him but if he kept to his limits, he was fine. Rich agreed.

The Real Problem

Rich's presenting problem, then, was his reliance on luck to make him happy. I showed him that real, repeating happiness is not based on transient luck. Genuine happiness is built on a foundation of cause and effect.

"What cause and what effect, Dr. Bob?" Rich asked.

"The cause is dependence or reliance on The Source of All There Is, or 'Tathis,' for short. When you find yourself totally accepted by Tathis, you will know happiness. And you find yourself in relationship with Tathis through some form of meditation . "

"Wait, wait," interjected Rich. "I get the biggest kick out of winning. For me it's a real high. I do not want to give that up."

"That 'high' can be defined as joy or ecstasy, Rich. You do not have to give that up. But happiness is something else. It is a state of well-being where you are not ever having to drag your tail. , 'As you said. It is a pleasantly paced feeling of good fortune in all areas of your life. "

In Other Words

"Are you saying that winning at gambling is fun and depends on luck, but happiness depends on the effect I would get by a steady relationship with Tathis?"

"I could not have phrased it better myself, Rich. I think you've got the idea."

Guided Meditation

I suggested we do a guided meditation together to get him started. We closed our eyes and I had a rich imagination that a great golden light was just pouring out of the Universe onto him.

That golden light was filling every cell of his body with life giving acceptance. The light penetrated everywhere. We sat in silence as I Let rich experience the feeling of being totally accepted in just the way he was right then. I encouraged him to see that joy and ecstasy and fun could be his as well as acceptance. But it was an acceptance that kept him his well-being.

Then I asked him to see the golden light surrounding him on the outside, sort of protecting him from the turns of unlucky times we all encounter through life, giving him an enduring feeling of good fortune even if he lost at the tables.

I then invited him back in the room.

How Do You Feel?

I asked Rich how he felt now.

"I do feel happier, though I lost today. How do I keep this feeling?"

"That's the cause and effect I have been talking about, Rich. Keep on practicing some form of meditation every day and the effect will be a feeling of good fortune on a continuing basis."

We then parted ways, Rich and I. I saw him often in the context of my covenant community. He appeared on an even-keel.

You Can Do the Same

Your life and your happiness need not depend upon luck. Find the Grand Acceptance that is yours in The All There Is - Tathis. From this acceptance you will know happiness. In happiness you will know well-being. Begin.


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