He Killed Our Child

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Our daughter was murdered. She had been a very strong-murdered child who read many fantasies and then went out to live them. We do not know why a skilled burglar killed her but we know she is no longer with us. Since then, I have met many others who have lost children. Some seem to grieve for years while others take up projects that their child had initiated.

Our home was divided because of her false accusations against me, her father. Her life was falling apart and she found a counselor who suggested that her father was to be blamed. It worked. She found some who believed her and divorce shattered our home.

Then my job ended when my company was sold. I found inexpensive rooms and proceeded to do the one thing I had promised I would accomplish: Memorize the 678 versions of the GOSPEL OF MARK. This kept me feeding on eternal verities andave me great satisfaction when I recited it 20 times at different places. It was a faith-producing work for me as well as others.

Today I ask three questions: Will I continue to stay near those who value me and show joy when I appear? How can I use my history to help others find meaning in their lives? And, will not the Judge of all the earth do right? One minister commented that I sailed right through the tragedy. I claim my victory is built on my eternal Father.

Before I lost my home, I had taught that the blood in your veins is not as important as the faith in your heart. In other words, the spiritual family is the one which decides our destiny, not our biological one. But I did not know then I would have tried so strictly on this point.

God also had his child murdered and he forgave. I read this good news and get Holy Spirit help to do the same. What a way to live: Allow free will and good and bad will happen. God is so good that he permits evil plans to be carried to completion. And I rejoice in my ability to live an abundant life. I choose not to enter the darkness of bitterness and revenge.

I am drinking at the springs of living water - the teachings of Jesus Christ - and my soul is singing. We know that if we love someone we will feel great pain when we are torn apart. I am in awe of my God who could halt all the pain people bring to his existence by ceasing to love us. But all creation is a testimony to the fact that God is LOVE. Look how he has provided so many delights for our senses and our thoughts. He has invested so much of himself in us that he is standing on tiptoe to see if anyone will show some interest. What a patient God!

I finally learned that I love to teach, preach and SING Bible truths. My great search for the Ultimate Truth led me to remember that Christ said, "I am the Truth." So I moved our family back to the grandparents while I attended seminary.


Source by Paul Landis


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