Here Are Some Money Saving Tips For Your Next Vacation

Here Are Some Money Saving Tips For Your Next Vacation

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If you are reading this article chances are you like to travel, and who does not? Traveling gives you the chance to get away from the everyday routine that you and the family have become accustomed to. However traveling is not always cheap. Here are some ways you can save some money on your next vacation.

Unless you are not from this planet, at some point in time you are going to have to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a combination of all three. Eating out for all three meals over the course of a seven day vacation with a family of four can be a huge cost and eat into your "fun" budget.

Here is an idea you can use right away, when you do go out to eat, split the meals with the kids. If you and your husband or wife order a meal and you have two kids, split what you have with one child and your significant other can split what they have with the other child. Yes it is a sacrifice but remember you did not go on vacation to eat; you went on a vacation to have some fun.

If you are sufficient enough to stay in a hotel that has a small fridge / freezer and / or a microwave then you have everything you need to make breakfast, lunch, & dinner and store food right there. Buy some groceries at a local supermarket and store them in your room. Make sure you get food that you can microwave if you are looking for a hot meal. You can start off by microwaving some eggs for breakfast (yes they are good), and make some lunches for later in the day, and finally come back to the room and microwave some meals. It is not four star dining but it will help you save a load of money.

If you are hiring amusement parks, doing some hiking, maybe walking around town, then the ideal money saving tip is to bring your own refillable water bottle. Bottled water is way too expensive to buy in a vacation resort area. Instead bring a bottle with you and refill it at the water fountains. Each time your family of four refills their bottles that is a savings of over $ 8.00! Do that four times a day and your daily savings exceeds $ 32.00! Over a course of seven days that is a grand total savings of $ 224.00. Now that is some serious savings.

Take one day out of your vacation and stay away from the parks and attractions. Spend time with the family and enjoy what the area you are in has to offer. For example if you go to Disney World and are staying at one of the park hotels, do not go to the parks, enjoy the resorts pools and amenities. Most are included and are just as fun. If you are hiring Vegas, get away from the Casinos and take a ride to the Hoover dam. You get the point.

These are just a few of the many ways you can save money on your next vacation. Just remember to do things a little differently and you can save even more money than I have already mentioned.


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