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There are many ways on how to gather all your friends and have fun other than having a big night out. You can try a lot of different things, new things that you haven't done before. If your friends are getting tired of playing billiards or watching movies during downtime, why not try engaging in an exciting game called poker? Even though you don't have that "real" gambler in you, you'll surely enjoy as you win this fantastic game of cards!

Does your dad play poker? Do you still remember those times when your dad and his friends are playing poker with all their loud noises echoing inside the house? Sounds like real fun. If you still have those poker items that your dad left at your basement, you sure are lucky. Take a look if you can still use that poker table. With just some cleaning, it will look new again. You can make use of it when you and you're friends are planning to have poker game during leisure time at your place. If you don't have one, you can purchase a folding poker table either online, at gaming shops or department stores. With a poker table, card decks and poker chips, you can get on with the game!

Folding poker tables come in different styles and shapes. Some comes in oval shape while others are octagonal. Before purchasing the table, you need to have a specific budget. If you're planning to buy high-quality folding poker table for long term use, you need to allot a big amount of money. Also consider the fit of your poker table in an area. Aside from being a game table, it will also become furniture of your home, so always make sure that it is well-matched to your other furniture.

When all things are set, you're ready to play poker with your friends!


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