HORSE Poker – Introduction

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HORSE poker is a mix game of 5 different poker variations:

Texas Holdem, Omaha Eight or Better, Razz, Stud, Stud Eight or Better.

These days the game gains more and more respect from poker players all around the world, including the poker pros.

History of the Game:

The big gamblers got tired from playing one poker variation all the time, so they mixed-up different poker variations.

Slowly, it became a great way to see who the best poker player is. The big break-through of those mix-games into the poker public started not too long ago, in 2006. The WSOP hosts a horse tournament with a $ 50,000 USD buy-in, which creates a huge buzz in this popular mix-game.

Today more and more online poker rooms are embrocing the mix-games idea and creating tables that can support these kind of games.

How to Play:

Mix games play in rotation in horse for example you play Holdem then Omaha 8 / b, stud etc.
After we play all the games we would start over, back to Holdem and start all over again, the game can change in two ways: Number of hands or set amount of time, depending on the game style and / or the host rules.

All the games are played in limit style.

What's Next?

Well, I guess No-Limit Texas Hold'em will not dominate poker forever. Some day this game will take over the poker world by storm. I will put my money on horse, why?
Because it is the ultimate challenge, because that what the pros like and everyone else will just follow them.

Online Poker Lingo:

gg: good game

lol: laughing out loud

rofl: rolling over the floor laughing

lmao: laughing my ass off

nh: nice hand

vnh: very nice hand

nb: nice bet

np: nice play

nc: nice call

ty: thank you

str8: straight


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