How I Became in Expert in Finding Cheap Poker Tables

How I Became in Expert in Finding Cheap Poker Tables

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Believe it or not, I live in China - a country where it is illegal to have public poker games. Because of this, it has been rather ironic that I have become an expert in being able to find cheap poker tables. However, it makes more sense when you realize that some of the best valued cheap poker tables available come directly from China ...

As a side career, more like a "4 hour workweek" career, I began to look into the importing / exporting business. What I soon realized was that high profit items - furniture primarily, could be purchased much cheaper in China. Upon buying my first cheap poker table from a manufacturing plant in southern China, I soon found out not only the cost of making a table, but also the poker companies that buy these items directly from these sources.

I began to sell poker and blackjack tables myself until competition started to get too fiercely and some of the top cheap poker table websites began to drop their prices considering to the point where I could not compete. I did not have the money that they did. Therefore, I have turned my attention to sharing information rather than sales.

What I soon realized though becoming an insider is that there are only a couple of websites that truly give you good deals on poker tables while there are literally hundreds of them that will give you inflated prices due to their lack of success. Fortunately, I am aware of the websites to buy from and the websites to avoid when looking to buy a cheap poker table (otherwise, of course, you'd like to spend 50% more :)).

While my story is probably not very thought provoking, it should help open your eyes to the variety of prices you will see online and the trouble you will have in purchasing a cheap poker table at the price that you are interested in paying. Because all of these companies essentially buy from the same location, it is imperative that you find a top informational resource for buying your table before you make your major purchase.

Follow me and I will do what I can to help.

PS One quick tip to finding a cheap poker table - do not get caught up in the idea of ​​shopping on eBay. While you can get a table shortly cheaper that you could have new, you will have to pay much more for shopping to the point where the purchase is not worthwhile. The shipping that is offered by my recommended sites will be much more manageable and will make up for the slight discount you will get on the table without shipping. Plus, you will have a new table if you buy from my sites.


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