How Money Has Corrupted Mankind

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Money is an invention that man created in order to better get what he wanted. The more money man has the more he can buy, and therefore the wealthier he is. What truly is wealth, is it having a lot of money or is it being able to fully experience life. I believe wealth to be able to have health and fully experience life. Having a lot of money is something society puts too much emphasis on these days. Our whole society seems to be built on the foundation that our life is about eventually getting rich. Instead our philosophy should that life is about fully experiencing life in all its facets. Greed is something that is very prevalent in the world today. The oil industry is the greatest example of greed at work. The oil industry knows that it is helping to kill the planet by promoting oil and gas, yet it does it anyways because it is very profitable. Some people will do anything they can to get money, steal, cheat, lie and so forth.

Do we really need SUV's, trucks, and big cars? The truth is that we could very easily get around with small electric cars, like those already being built today. Two hundred years ago people got around with horses and carts and they weren't any more depressed than we are today. Why must we go so fast, are we in that much of a hurry to destroy our planet. Could it be that we are all hell-bent on killing our own planet and blemishing our own future. It sure seems that way, we are currently doing everything we can to sabotage our own future as a species. Global warming is getting worse with every passing day, yet we continue to burn oil and gas as if it were good for the planet.

People these days buy things just for the heck of it, without even really needing it. People buy things today because they can, not because they need to. Luxury is something that we are told to seek after in life. Having a boat, a big house, and a fancy car are all things that are glorified in the media.

Money has corrupted mankind to such a point that we now do things that are bad for us just to spend more money. People love to spend money so much that they spend it even if it makes them feel worse. Now that is corruption folks, we are corrupting ourselves more and more each day. Here are some examples of how we corrupt ourselves with money.

We buy clothes which are made in sweat shops because we love the clothes.

We buy big houses even though we have to go in deep debt to afford it.

We eat meals at restaurants that cost up to a hundred dollars while other people are starving to death. We could help others with our money, but instead we corrupt ourselves with it. We buy things we don't really need and then we wonder why we feel so bad.

Since money has become so hot a drug in recent decades, depression has become a terrible illness that affects over 40 million Americans as we speak. Money is at the heart of many people's problems, even if they may not realize it.

If everyone lived with the goal of enhancing his or her life without doing harm to himself or the planet, then everything would be in balance. We are currently doing the opposite of that. We drive cars that kill the planet, and we smoke to unbalance our own bodies. The reason people smoke is because of the greed that many entrepreneurs had in their minds when they started marketing cigarettes to the public. Greed is at the heart of many of today's problems, and money is the root cause of many problems in society today.

On television a great number of the shows we watch all involve winning money, like that is the ultimate prize in life. The ultimate prize in life is to experience life, not waste, and degrade yourself with things you don't need.

Some of the worst things on our planet originate from greed and a love of money. In many countries gambling is regulated by the government and they create casino games that make people addicted to gambling. The next thing you know that government puts commercials on TV about how casino games should remain a game. They make you addicted to the game, and then they tell you it should remain just a game.

This is our own governments doing this to us, the people who are in control of our countries are lying and cheating in the name of greed. The society is so used to this form of greed that society accepts that this greed is going on openly. This form of greed is now considered a normal occurrence and is considered acceptable. If our own governments are corrupted by money, what can we do to save ourselves? We need to stand up for ourselves and stop using oil and gas. We need to stop smoking, gambling, and living in luxury. We need to help our fellow man that needs a little help, instead of splurging on a new boat.

Society is very sick when it comes to money, we need to realize that.


Source by David Rodrigue


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