How Pot Limit Omaha Can Boost Your VIP Club Rankings

How Pot Limit Omaha Can Boost Your VIP Club Rankings

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Many online poker rooms offer bonuses and point collection schemes to reward their regular players. Collectively referred to as VIP clubs, these often feature different levels for players collecting various amounts of points. Players are then rewarded with freeroll tournaments, gifts or even cash bonuses depending on how many points they collect.

Points are usually collected in 2 ways, firstly tournament fees have an assigned number of points depending on the buy-in level. Second cash games determine the amount of points depending on how large each pot becomes. The amount of 'rake' that the poker room takes is converted into points to be assigned to each player at the table.

The nature of Pot Limit Omaha make this a great choice for players looking to improve their VIP club rankings and gain the free gifts or cash associated with this. Before we look at the dynamics of the Omaha game which make this possible here is a snapshot of some pot-size figures taken from Poker Stars.

Level Average Pot Sizes (Omaha) Average Pot Sizes (NL Holdem)

$ 1 / $ 2 $ 39 (Lowest) to $ 102 (Highest) $ 14 (Lowest) to $ 19 (Highest)

50c / $ 1 $ 18 (Lowest) to $ 30 (Highest) $ 7 (Lowest) to $ 12 (Highest)

25c / 50c $ 8 (Lowest) to $ 16 (Highest) $ 5 (Lowest) to $ 9 (Highest)

It is easy to see from the above table how much larger the pots are in Pot Limit Omaha games. The bigger the pot the more VIP club points players can earn towards freerolls and bonuses.

There are several reasons why the pot size is generally larger in Pot Limit Omaha games. The fact that each player holds 4 hole cards rather than 2 means that there are many more ways to hit the flop in Omaha poker. This means that for any one flop the chance that a player can hold a hand (or a draw) strong enough to call a flop bet is high. This is also true on the turn where a match up between made hand such as trips and a strong draw is common.

The pot limit betting structure ensures that drawing hands can keep playing on the flop in Pot Limit Omaha games. Compare this to No Limit Holdem where it is common for someone with a made hand to bet so much that draws are priced out on the flop.

Pot limit betting can increase exponentially - this means that the pre-flop bets are very small in comparison with bet sizes by the river. Small early bets encourage players with medium strength holds to stick around. As the pot (and so the bet sizes) grow those players without strong hands will fold. The key to improving those VIP club rankings is that they will have folded only after committing money to the pot.


Source by Nicole Martinez


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