How to Be Lucky – The Hidden Secret That Will Change Your Life Forever

How to Be Lucky – The Hidden Secret That Will Change Your Life Forever

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To be lucky is an emotional gift and it all comes to one point, your feelings. When you open your eyes this morning have you feel the same as yesterday? No! We have millions of emotions pack inside of us. The good thing, you can choose now, how you want to feel. Give me a minute of your precious time and you will find the secret to create luck everyday.

What do you want?

To start from deep within, ask yourself what you really want in life. Do you want millions in your bank account, drive an elegant car or do you want to travel around the world. Whatever you wish within, sometimes you should ask yourself, "Why do you want all these things" ? Is not it true what you want, is basically to change the way you feel? You want all these things and results because you see them making you feel good.

Our emotions is very powerful, that's why every EMOTION is created by MOTION. Everything we feel is the result how we use our bodies. You can use this emotional experiment now below.

1.Wave you hands very slowly in front of you, and do not get excited. Make sure your facial expression show boredom. Can you feel how you attract the emotion boredom.

2.Now you can clap your hands and dance and do it strategically faster. Make sure your facial expression show a smile or laugh. You can put vocal movement with it by singing a joyous song.Can you feel how you attract the emotion joy. You have millions of emotions to choose from! The reason you read this article you ask for the feeling of luck.

How to be lucky

1.Believe in yourself and always be in a positive mood. Positive energy attract luck in all sort of forms ..

2.Make room for disappointment and learn from your mistakes.

3.Avoid negative feelings and stay in the company of happy people.

4.Always remember luck comes in many forms, to get more of it you must appreciate what you have.

Within the single emotion of happiness lays millions of luck undiscovered. More Explosive Articles how to spark your luck. Here


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