How to Crush 180 Man Poker Tournaments

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A new multi-table sit-n-go, the 180 man tournament is a perfect opportunity for players to play tournament poker without sitting for hours upon hours. These multi-table tournaments have very valuable cash outs for the final table, and the range of buy-ins allows a variety of players with all different bankrolls to play in them.

This basic strategy will give you a basis of 180 man play, and how most players react to the blinds changing and different steps as the tournament progresses. Many players do not take the proper steps to increase aggression as blinds and antes rise, and this is a major factor in these small tournaments.

Early Stages

The beginning of the tournament should usually consist of a fairly tight-aggressive play, in which the only hands you come to play aggressively are valuable, but you play them aggressively. Starting chips are 1500, and with the blinds beginning at 10/20 and raising only every 15 minutes, there is no reason to be too busy in the early stage. Sit back and wait for your opportunity to double through a solid hand, ie floating a set and playing it through, a flush, straight or better.

At these early stages in the game there is no reason to get your money in on a coin-flip pre-flop. Stick to solid post flop hands that will secure a large pot, and react accordingly to players. Another valuable tendency is to see more flops while the blinds are remaining fairly low. Do not call more raises pre-flop, but rather more blinds simply to flop large hands and develop a nice sized stack early on.

Mid-Way Play

As the blinds begin to progress and play becomes much more sporadic, it is smart to become much more tight-aggressive. Blinds will eventually, for most players, become a major factor in all-in play, unless you are successful enough to have a very large stack that blinds do not affect.

If your stack ever falls to below around 8 or 9 times the big blind, usually by this point the blinds have exceeded 200/400, your best move is the shoving your entire stack pre-flop. Most players overlook the antes as well as the blinds, and these together can add up to a third of your stack simply by taking them down if everyone else folds. Accumulating blinds and antes becomes as important as getting involved with a major hand in this stage of the tournament.

At this stage limping pre-flop is extremely unilaterally and position plays a major role. Tend to play only higher pairs above 77 in early position and successfully less valuable hands down the table. Come in for just over 3x the big blind.

Final Table Play

If you have played well enough to reach the final table, your strategy has obviously worked so far. Entering the final table with anything over 30,000 will be above average and leave with you with a good amount of room to play pots and raises. Usually the blinds will be around 500/1000, and a stack below 10,000 should be all-in for a pre-flop raise whenever possible. Over 10,000 gives you the option to make a 3x pre-flop raise but nearly commits you to the pot if you are re-raised, especially when some stacks may be well over 50,000. Play usually will slow a major amount when the final table is reached so do not rush into pots no matter what your stack is. However, if you are sitting on a decent stack, again, the blinds and antes will add up to a substantial amount, and stealing them once or twice a round will build your stack quickly. Thanks for reading this Sportsbook Promotion Code poker article.


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