How to Get Into Sports Betting

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If you are a gambler and like sports then sports betting may seem that you could get addicted to easily. But a lot of betting is just for fun, & many people especially men bonding with their friends and betting on their favorite sports team is what it's all about.

If you ask a lot of gamblers why they do sports betting I bet you a lot of them would say because the rush they get from winning. There's nothing like watching your favorite sports team score the winning goal in a game that you have money on. You might even see it in your local bar. 1 guy stands up and shouts "I WON!". There's nothing like it.

How sports betting works is basically picking, by the way, a certain number of teams and guessing who is going to win each game. A lot of times you can start with a small bet and still enjoy yourself.

Placing your first bet.

You can place a bet with a sportsbook if you are over 21 years of age. It is only legal in 4 states in the US. However sports bookies will be glad to place a bet for you any time. There's lots of things to bet on, Football, basketball hockey, soccer, lot's of stuff. You can bet on coin toss's, scores, etc The sports book will give you odds and you then make your appropriate bet.

If you get a cookie and check the spread. It's a point advantage given to the less team. By doing this out it gives you better odds even on a losing team.

Type of bets:

1. Parlays are bets on lots of games.

2. Straight bets picking the team which you think is going to lose or win.

3. Over / under's are combined points scored by both teams

4. Teasers add and subtract points to make bets stronger.

So these are the basics and if you try sports betting you will enjoy the process wherever you win or lose. Just have fun!


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