How to Get Your Lover Back Using Emotionally Charged Dating

How to Get Your Lover Back Using Emotionally Charged Dating

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Are you dying to get back together with an ex? Do you know want to know how to get your lover back? Do you feel like everything you do pushes them further and further away? Or, have you lost contact with them altogether over time?

Does this describe your situation to a tee? Are you ready to learn how to get your lover back?

Okay great, but you shouldn't overlook a very critical step - what do you do on your first date after making contact and setting some time aside to get together with your ex?

If you said dinner and a movie I would like to wallop you upside the head - but, alas, I cannot. So, I will simply give you an emphatic "NO! That is not how to get your lover back," and hope that you listen well. Taking an ex, especially an ex that you are interested in being more than friends with, out to dinner and a movie is surely NOT how to get your ex back.

Why? Because it is boring! And we all know that boring is the most surefire way to guarantee that a man or a woman will feel absolutely attraction for you - women especially.

What to do you do then? If you want to know how to get your lover back, you need to understand a bit about social dynamics and how the human mind is genetically designed to function in relation to dating and human interaction. The number one rule is to be exciting, be different - you first date with your ex should be exciting, and generate emotion.

Emotionally charged experiences = bond. And bonding, or re-bonding, in this case, is a great way to spark attraction - and attraction is exactly how to get your lover back.

How do you create these emotionally charged experiences on your first date with your ex? Well, there are a number of ways, and I will give several ideas, but first, let's look at how this works (and why!).

Imagine that you are standing in line at the bank, or a store. Once you leave, do you remember anyone in line around you? Do you really even remember the cashier or the teller? No! Why not? Because nothing happened that sparked your emotions - nothing to create a bond to the situation or the people around you.

Imagine that the bank or store were robbed at gunpoint while you were standing in line. Imagine that you, and the people around you were forced to the ground by masked, screaming gunmen. Imagine, if in the chaos, you look over the woman in line next to you (now lying on the floor next to you). You see the terror on her face. The cold floor stings your flesh. The screams and shouting fade into an eerie, deafening silence.

Let's say you reach out slowly and take her hand, look her in the eyes and tell her "everything will be ok."

Are you going to forget that woman? More importantly, is she will ever forget you?

No she won't! That is how to get your lover back!

Now, of course, I would never, ever recommend that you go out and rob a bank (that is not how to get your lover back - that is how to get you and your ex thrown in jail). But, I highly recommend that your first date with you ex be something exciting and thrilling - something that generates quick and powerful emotions.

So, if an emotionally charged date is how to get your lover back, what are some of the best ideas for this kind of date? There are a few examples below.

Emotionally Charged Dates:

- Amusement Parks - roller coasters and other action rides create great emotions

- Fairs and Carnivals - games, where you work together to win prizes doing fun things is great

- Live shows at bars and clubs - music, dancing, an energetic crowd - this can all be great at creating emotion

- A sporting event - screaming crowds, action and excitement - really great

- The casino - money at stake, lady luck waiting to make or break you - this is a surefire emotion builder

These are just a few great examples of emotionally charged dates you can use to get your lover back. Feel free to use them, or any other great ideas you have.

Also, if you want to know more about how to get your lover back, here are a couple of additional tips.

How to Get Your Lover Back - Bonus Tip 1: Mini-Dates - instead of a single first date with your, exploit the time together to its fullest with several shorter, emotionally charged mini-dates in one.

How to Get Your Lover Back - Bonus Tip 2: Avoid talking about your previous relationship - You broke up...talking about that can be a serious drag on a great time.

How to Get Your Lover Back - Bonus Tip 3: Use psychological tactics - automatically switch on emotions and attractions in your ex, building a new relationship from the moment get together.

There you to get your lover back using an emotionally charged "first" date!


Source by Matthew D Brown


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