How To Learn Betfair Trading

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Betfair has literally revolutionized the way people can place bets and now people have the ability to trade their bets similar to how traders trade the financial prices on the stock market. Instead of trading the value of a company you are trading the value of a teams sports odds instead!

There are many different ways to learn Betfair trading however the best way is to read some basic strategies and then actually go for it. I always believe the best way to learn is by doing.

However, you may see or hear about the professionals making thousands of pounds from trading and they might even show you videos that make it look easy. Remember that these guys are professionals at what they do so don't go plunging in with big stakes until you are ready.

The minimum stake to trade with is / € 2 on Betfair and I would firmly recommend you start with that. At least this way you can make mistakes without it costing you too much as / € 2 is something anyone can spare surely?

There are a wide range of sports to choose from and I would suggest starting with sports you are most familiar with and know all the rules too. Watch the way the markets move and the only decision you have to make is to buy or to sell, or to back or to lay in Betfair terms. Obviously its not quite as simple and easy as that but that is the basic principle.

Once you have messed around with the interface and got used to it you need to search out some trading strategies to try and there are endless amounts available online to try.


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