How to Pick Up Women in Bars

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Here's the usual scenario when you're in a bar. There are girls milling around and you arrived with a couple of guys. You're probably poker-faced and tense. Wherever you look, there are guys flirting with women and you're not completely sure how to start, or you're wondering if you can do the same thing. I've observed this a couple of times. A group of three men walk in and find a table. They spend a good hour just looking around, following every girl with their eyes, and not doing anything. Needless to say, they look completely out of place.

Picking women up in bars is not exactly a science. You just need an opening and a way to get closer to a woman. If you went with your friends, you have an even better chance of meeting the most beautiful girls around with minimal effort. In this article, you will discover a part of the blueprint that will open enough socializing doors for you. Read on.

# 1: Do not Wait for a "Proper Time"

Timing is essential in bars, but the more you wait, the more the "proper time" to approach a woman slips through your fingers. When you come in, mingle at once. Join a group of women and immediately introduce yourself. Opening a set and being social alerts the whole room that there are several fun-loving, social men who joined the party. Remember, if you're looking around and noticing people, some of the people in the party (the women in particular) are probably checking you out, too.

What's the difference between being social immediately and huddling in a corner for an hour or two? Social proof. If you look drawn and acted like you're in your own world, the vibe that you send out is negative and drives people away. It creates awkward tension, and will not encourage women to come up to you just to chat.

The best thing about being sociable is that you can talk up anyone around even when you get separated with your group. Do not go to a corner, sulk and expect the girls to approach you; they will not.

# 2. Hot Spots

In a bar, it's rare to see women who are standing alone doing nothing. But, there are numerous marriages of greeting girls who are by the door just about to join their friends, standing by the bar to order a drink or just coming out of the wash room. These are the hot spots you should watch like a hawk whenever you're in a nightclub.

When you see one, walk over to her and smile. If you happen to be at the bar yourself, smile at the girl next to you. If you see a group of women, spend a few minutes exchanging pleasantries and then go right into a conversation with them like you've known them forever.

If you make it a point to befriend and get close to the women around you in a nightclub, you will have collected a few or more phone numbers by the end of the night. In the process, you will have learned a great way to open a set of women that you can use anywhere.


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