How to Play and NOT Pay

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If you've been reading my series on lotteries then I think it is safe to say you know most of the reason that I recommend it to people looking to simplify how they play the lottery. From better odds, to more value to plain convenience, there are a lot of reasons why playing online is the best way to play the lottery.

You might think that getting anything for free in this day and age is a pipe dream. For most things, you would be right. But when you are talking about building an online business, things change. If you want a particular product for free what you can do is sign up as an affiliate. An affiliate is simply someone who promotes a particular product (that they've used in the past) and in exchange they get either a portion of the sales or product for free (like lifetime membership to a club for instance), or both.

You might be thinking, great so why do not companies offline do the same things? For companies that are offline such as Walmart or BMW, the costs would be too great as they deal in physical goods. coudl you imagine being an affiliate for BMW and getting a free car for your trouble? Sounds great right? But if EVERYONE became an affiliate, soon there would be no company!

That's why this particular technique only works when we are talking about online companies or businesses. Why? Simple. It costs a company that does its business solely online (through digital products or memberships) far far less to offer this kind of incentive. That way they can keep their costs in check, and get the word about their products and services out and show that they really appreciate their clientele.


Source by Erik Heyl


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