How to Play Blackjack – Some Tips to Bear in Mind

How to Play Blackjack – Some Tips to Bear in Mind

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Blackjack, as a lot of players know, is a game which highest winning number totals to '21'. This is the reason behind why other people call the game twenty-one. But away from knowing about the highest possible number for the game, there are some tricks that will help you learn how to play blackjack.

# 1 - Learn the basics of the game

This will include the fact that the game can be played using one up to eight decks of cards. Remember however, that the deck of cards is a multiple of two's, meaning, you can only play with two, four, six then eight decks. In larger venues, such as casinos, a special shuffling machine is being used before dealing these cards.

In one-deck as well as two-deck blackjack games, the dealer takes charge of dealing the cards to the other players. On the other hand, multi-deck games make use of a special tray called a shoe for dealing cards. Casinos are now starting to look for other machines that will take charge of both shuffling and dealing the cards.

# 2 - Know the objective of the game

Blackjack's main objective is for a player to beat the dealer. In cases when your cards go higher than what the dealer has, then you basically win the game. Make sure however that your total is not more than 21 or else you will get busted and lose to the dealer even when the value of his cards exceeded 21.

# 3 - It is also essential to learn about card values.

The blackjack game does not focus much on the suit of the cards - be it clovers, spades, hearts or diamonds. It concentrates more on the face value of the card. Kings, queens, jacks and tens all have a value of ten. The ace card is valued at one or eleven while the remaining card numbers are quantified at their corresponding face values.

# 4 - You should also take note of differences when you play the game at home and when you play at casinos

If you play blackjack with your friends, the cards will be facing facing down. From there, you can pick up your own cards to look at its relative values. This principle does not work the same way when you are playing through casinos. This is because the cards are worn by the shoe with the card's face up. Plus, unlike in a game for fun, you will not be allowed to touch the cards when you play through casino venues.

Another notable difference between 'play for fun' and 'play for money' can be seen in the use of the blackjack table. When you play at home with your friends, you can use a table or even the floor. In casinos, a special blackjack table is used. This one is shaped like a semi-circle. Add to this, each player is given a circle or square on the table.

It is easy to learn how to play blackjack. Remember that things may be different once you play this game professionally. Take note that in casinos, you are given your own betting area where you can place the chips before the play begins. You can apply the same thing in an ordinary game depending on course on your agreement with the dealer and the other players.


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