How to Play Mind Games on a Girl – And Make Her Like You Like Crazy

How to Play Mind Games on a Girl – And Make Her Like You Like Crazy

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Have you been fooled into thinking that you're not good enough to pick up hot girls? It's time to wake up and realize that you don't need good looks or wads of cash to pick up girls - all you need to do is be able to trigger the right emotions. A woman will go for an average guy who can make her feel great over a wealthy, good looking guy who is a jerk any of the week.

If you know the right psychological approaches, it's really no trouble at all to get with a beautiful woman who would normally be out of your league. Keep reading if you'd like to discover how to run these mind games and reprogram any woman to see you as an amazing catch.

Seduce a Woman with Mind Games - She'll Give Herself Over to You Completely

Trick #1: "Control the Power." In a relationship, power is all about approval. Normally, most guys feel like they have to work hard to gain a woman's approval. You need to flip the script and make her seek your approval, because a guy acting desperate is a major turnoff for women.

If you want to shift the balance of power, all you have to do is play it off like she's basically forgettable. You can do the usual flirting routine but play it cool and make her think you could take her or leave her. This will drive her nuts and she'll make a serious play for your attention.

Trick #2: "Take Control of Her Emotions." You may have heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP. This technique is right along the same lines - it's called fractionation. Master pickup artists have used this tactic in the past to get with the girls that resist all their other charms.

What you have to do is make the girl go on an emotional thrill ride that leaves her feeling exhilarated when it's through. No matter where you are or what the occasion is, this tactic can work and produce results in just 15 minutes.


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