How to Win the Lotto Using the Law of Attraction

How to Win the Lotto Using the Law of Attraction

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The Lotto is just a mind game

The aim of the game is to set your desires to win a specific amount of money, and to achieve this you need to follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1

Make a list of all the things that you want in life, as if you already already won the lotto, and you are going to purchase your goods right now.

Write down the cost of each item and sum it up, say for example you want a sports car, a house on the beach front, a yacht and a bike, and the required amount equivalent to your desires is x amount. Write this amount in the space provided on your lotto vision board under desired amount.

Step 2

Describe each of your desired items in detail, as visually graphic as possible, and GET PICTURES !!!. Paste them on your vision board in the spaces provided.


Train your mind

This fun game will drastically help you train your mind and put you at a winning edge, if followed and implemented properly.

Get a pair of dice; hold them in your hand and think of two numbers from 1 to 6.
Visualize the numbers, that you have selected, and imagine them appearing on the dice after they land, clearly and vividly create that image in your mind, know that all is possible and if you really focus with all your energy you will be able to achieve the exact image and layout of the die after throwing them.

This process may take some time to perfect, but do not despair, continue practicing and once this method is perfected, and you score a perfect 10 out of 10, you are then ready to begin selecting lotto numbers and receive the riches that await you .

Step 4

Wait for the jackpot to be an exact amount of your total summed goods. This is a sign from the universe that the money is for you to win.

Select your numbers, either a quick pick or numbers that you have selected, keeping in mind that every number you select is taking you a step closer in achieving your winnings. write these numbers in the space provided on your vision board.


Alternately you could set an x ​​amount as your desired amount. You do not need to have to win the jackpot, but the desired amount x would equate to you as an example, getting 5 numbers and the bonus ball. In other words whatever winning combination required to get you your desired amount, you will get.

Step 5

It's time to sit back, relax and know that you have won, you have to FEEL it and EXPECT it and eagerly await its arrival.

Imagine winning your desired amount, how would that make you feel?
How would you react?
Who would you tell?
What's the first thing that you would do?

This process puts you in an emotional feeling place of already achieving and by doing that you are vibrationally sending out a signal to the universe, and by law you will begin attracting to you whatever it you want!

The Universe does not know the difference between what you have physically or by what you think you have, it simply picks up the vibrations based on how you are feeling right now and responds to that.


Source by Kirtesh Cara


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