Improve Your Odds of Winning – Play the Win for Life Oregon Lotto Game

Improve Your Odds of Winning – Play the Win for Life Oregon Lotto Game

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Want to play a lotto game with good chances of winning? Try the Win for Life Oregon lotto game offered by the Oregon Lottery. Like other win for life games offered by other state lotteries, it pays out $1,000 a week for the lifetime of the winner. Unlike other state lotteries, however, it has unique features that increase the chances of the bettor to win at least a minor prize in the drawings. Drawings are held three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30 pm, and each ticket costs $2 to play.

When you buy a Win for Life Oregon ticket, you'll get fifteen sets of numbers: one for the grand prize of $1,000 a week for life, two for the $50,000 prize, four for the $20,000 prize and the remainder for the $10,000 prize. You have the option of picking your numbers only for the grand prize; the rest of the number combinations will be randomly computer generated. The numbers on the playslip range from one to 77. You can play up to ten consecutive draws.

During the drawing, four numbers will be selected. If your numbers match the winning combination, you win the prize in your prize category. If you match three numbers in any prize category you win $25; if you match two numbers you win $2. If none of the numbers in your ticket matches any of the numbers in the winning combination, you win $3. Players may win multiple prizes on each ticket; however, only the top prize that you've won for each set of numbers will be paid. All prizes will be paid in lump sum amounts with the exception of the grand prize, which will be paid in an annuity for a minimum of five years.

The grand prize can be paid in the amount of $1,000 a week starting upon the validation of the winning ticket or the winner can opt for one annualized payment equivalent to the total weekly prize payments paid out in a given year. The winner must select the payment schedule they want upon validation of the winning ticket; however, once they elect for the annual payment schedule they cannot revert to the weekly schedule. Payments will cease upon the death of the winner; however, if the player dies within five years of winning, the remaining prize payments they would have received within a five-year period will be paid out to the designated beneficiary. Winners are required to file an annual affidavit with the Oregon Lottery to verify that the winner is still living.

If there happen to be more than three winners of the Win for Life Oregon grand prize, however, the total prize pot will be limited to an amount equivalent to that of three times the grand prize, which will be divided among the total number of winners. Thus, if there are four winners, the total prize pot will be limited to $156,000 divided among the four winners, which translates to an annual payment of $39,000 per winner or a weekly payment of $750. The winners will continue to receive this amount for life even after the death of one or more of them.


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