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Other than Las Vegas, Reno is one of the most visited cities in Nevada. One of its most common nicknames is "The Biggest Little City in the World". Since Las Vegas is more popular, Reno lost a great deal of its casino industry to Las Vegas. But, the city has recently been revived. This experienced has opened up more doors and windows for Reno jobs. When it comes to population, Reno is the fourth largest in Nevada, with approximately 217,000 residents. Reno is famous for its casinos. The biggest gaming company in the entire world, Harrah's Entertainment Company, was actually founded in Reno.

Just like any other city of its kind, Reno's economy is heavily dependent on tourism. It's a popular destination of residents of other, nearby cities, such as San Francisco and Sacramento. To increase tourism and increase the amount of people that return, Reno hosts planned, annual events, ie the Great Reno Balloon Race and Hot August Nights. When these special events are taking place, every hotel in Reno and immediate areas around it are completely booked. The impact of the tourism and hospitality industry has made the two the entire backbone of Reno's economy and the strength in the development in the city. Some of the major casinos and hotels within Reno are the Peppermill, Atlantis, and the Grand Sierra Resort.

The Atlantis has approximately 1,000 rooms available to guests, while still boasting more than 100,000 square feet of gaming space. Recently, Atlantis went through a renovation that added quite of few new features to it, including a restaurant, and much more. There are thousands of people who are employed by Atlantis, making it a major contribution to the local economy. Similar to Atlantis, the Peppermill, another major component to the Reno gaming and hotel industry, also went under a recent renovation. The renovation it went under cost about $ 300 million. In the Peppermill, there are roughly 1,600 and more than 80,000 square feet of gaming space. It is also a major contender when it comes to its contribution the stability of Reno's economy.

As stated before, Reno has lost a major part of its business, due to competition with Las Vegas. But, the city has found a way to recover from its losses, by turning the closed casinos into condominiums. With the construction and project planning of these renovations, thousands of jobs and even more money have been brought to Reno. Two notable condos that were born out of this process are Cornstock and Sundowner.

Hospitality and gaming aren't the only industries that are prevalent in Reno; many corporations also have their headquarters in Reno: Port of Subs, PC-Doctor, Braeburn Capital, and International Game Technology. These companies add even more the stimulation of the economy of Reno by making more jobs available.

Many universities also call Reno home. The most notable, The University of Nevada, Reno, is the oldest university in Reno. The enrollment each year is around 16,000 students. The University also contributes to the economy of Reno, because it provides jobs for educators and other staff members. Since Reno is making an attempt to revitalize itself, the tourism in the city will start to increase even more. This means that more job opportunities will open up, making Reno's economy even stronger.


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